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Hongqi continuously injects strong technical vitality. In order to meet the requirements of controlling and applying the latest global technology, Hongqi has established a global R&D layout of "four countries and ten places" with Changchun as its headquarters.

In Nanjing, Hongqi (Nanjing) Technology Development Company was established to attract domestic talents in the field of artificial intelligence, focusing on the research of forward-looking networked technologies such as artificial intelligence; in Hainan, there was a Hainan Vehicle testing company, which is a domestic technology leader in vehicle corrosion and aging.Environmental adaptability characteristic test base; In Shandong, the construction of the East China (Dongying) Intelligent Connected Vehicle Test Ground was launched, which will build a world-class R&D and test platform for smart cars and smart transportation. China Hongqi has gathered top technical talents from all over the world and established a global outstanding R&D team of more than 5,000 people. In addition, in order to meet the top quality standards of the New Hongqi, China Hongqi has formulated a world-leading R&D system and development and test procedures.


Hongqi, innovative manufacturing.

Hongqi H Smart Factory: It owns the world's leading intelligent, flexible and digital production lines to ensure world-class quality.

Hongqi L Customization Center: It has the world's leading island-style manufacturing equipment, master-level hand stitching, carving and mirror craftsmanship, to create the world's top private customized exclusive products and VIP services. Hongqi Factory won the Best Factory Award in China for two consecutive years in 2018 and 2019.



On November 2, 2020, Hongqi 1.5T engine won the title of “China Heart” Top Ten Engines of 2020. This award-winning 1.5T engine belongs to Hongqi third-generation gasoline engine. It uses an 11.5 ultra-high compression ratio Miller cycle. It also uses nine technologies such as intelligent thermal management, electronically controlled piston cooling nozzles, and variable displacement oil pumps. The fuel consumption rate is as low as 218.6g/Kw.h, and the thermal efficiency is as high as 39.06%. In May 2020, it obtained the thermal efficiency certification of China Automobile Research Institute No. 1, and its thermal efficiency is the highest in China's mass production of 1.5L displacement.
On August 23, 2020, Hongqi H9, Hongqi's flagship luxury sedan, was officially launched. The first intelligent connected technology Smile 1.0, which integrates multiple technologies such as L2.5 autonomous driving, intelligent connected ecological AI engine, five-screen linkage, intimate voice assistant, and full-scene remote control of the car. Equipped with Unbounded Vision System, GUARD Security System, Safe Plus Information Security System, and Healthy Environment System to ensure safety with 360° driving guard.
On June 1, China Hongqi's first mass-produced DCT400 transmission rolled off the assembly line. The DCT400 transmission is a vertical rear-drive seven-speed wet dual-clutch automatic transmission. It is matched with an electronically controlled hydraulic automatic shifting system. It supports 48V hybrid technology and electronic shifting. It can be expanded to P2 hybrid and four-wheel drive transmissions with a maximum input torque of 420N •m is a high-end automatic transmission specially designed for Hongqi. It will be mounted on Hongqi H9 and Hongqi HS7 models for the first time. It will be matched with 4GC2.0T engine and V6TD engine to provide the vehicle with surging power and excellent comfort. The roll-off of the DCT400 transmission fills the gap in the field of high-torque automatic transmissions by Hongqi.
On March 26-29, Hongqi H7 PHEV, Hongqi HS3 (EV) and Hongqi Smart Minibus models were unveiled at the Boao Forum for Asia 2019 Annual Meeting and the "Boao Intelligent Connected Vehicle and 5G Application Pilot Project", and participated in demonstration demonstrations. Hongqi EV is equipped with multi-source sensors such as lidar, smart camera, millimeter-wave radar, high-precision positioning; Hongqi H7 PHEV adopts multi-sensor fusion, high-precision positioning, and V2X collaborative sensing technology, and has a full range of complex environment perception capabilities; Hongqi minibuses robot integrates multiple interaction methods such as voice and image, and can interact intelligently and friendly with passengers in the car and pedestrians outside the car.
On December 27, China Hongqi's first Hongqi EV rolled off the assembly line. Hongqi EV realizes L2 intelligent driving and integrates the current forward-looking advantages of Hongqi in new energy and intelligent network technology.
On October 23-25, Hongqi brand brought its first independent fuel cell engine CAFS300P50-1 and Hongqi H5 fuel cell exhibition vehicle to the 3rd International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Conference. CAFS300P50-1 is the first 50kW fuel cell engine for passenger cars in China. It is a new breakthrough in the field of passenger car fuel cells in the Chinese automobile industry.